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Why Choose Me?

My specialization in sci-fi and fantasy makes me well suited to assess your novel on a big-picture scale. I understand what it's like to spend months, years even, working on your book only to realize that there's so much work to be done. That's why my aim is always to help you put your best work forward, improve your writing skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the craft. That way you can continue to pour your imagination onto those pages without fear, but with the hope that more souls will come to adore the same world you love.

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about me


My name is Breyonna Jordan (she/her). I am a proud Afro-Caribbean, hardworking freelancer, and known bookworm. As the founder of Editing Your Worlds, I hope to provide aspiring sci-fi and fantasy authors with the opportunity to delve further into the wonderful world of writing fiction. Thus far, I've edited several manuscripts and have taken multiple courses on developmental editing. I've also read plenty of books on the subject.

Aside from editing, I enjoy working on my own novel. I watch some mainstream animes and, on occasion, attempt art. But most often, I can be found curled up with my golden doodle and a good book. And I'm always open to recommendations.